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    The Sensual City path

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    The climate

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    Built landscapes

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    On the waterside

    Collected, transported and shared, water is fundamental to urban life. In the centuries before pipes and taps individualised our relations to water, the well and the fountain organised the life of communities, making water an element of sociability. Water was also the organiser of major communications routes assuring the transport of merchandise, people and knowledge.
    But, in today’s world, the city seems obsessed by its fear of water: flooding, pollution, sanitary risks, hygiene, drinking water, clean rivers, the drying out of water tables and so on.
    It is necessary to rediscover the magic that water can represent. Lying behind the mundanity of our relationship to water there is a trace of an urban imagination forged by water. This, for example, is the case of port towns with their dreams of distant exotic seas. The water flowing down rivers reflect the passage of time and forgetfulness. The water of lakes evokes contemplation and the assuaging of the senses, while the waves breaking on the beaches next to urban centres conjure up ideas of leisure and joy. All these various types of water are simply aspects of a single and same element that increases the city’s fluidity and depth.

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        The water and its reflections

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        Paris from the Seine

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        Marseille from the sea

        T X T

        Third screen: Static wide shot.
        Exterior │ Night │ Marseille.
        The image is divided horizontally, with the lower half of the projection occupied by water.
        Beginning of the loop.
        The Marseille coast is filmed during the day, allowing the city to be discovered along its length as it extends down the Mediterranean coast.
        End of loop.

        V I D
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        The sea from Marseille

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        The vertical garden

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    In the sky

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    Movement and balance

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    The materiality of cities

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