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    The Sensual City path

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    The climate

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    Built landscapes

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    On the waterside

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    In the sky

    The skyline has become one of our urban horizons, creating a new familiarity. The term, previously reserved for American metropolises, now applies to all large vertical cities throughout the entire world.
    The skyline is a landscape created by those looking at it. It cannot exist without spectators who break down, frame and reassemble disparate architectural motifs into a coherent whole based on the singularity of their appreciation. The pleasure of the skyline, rather than resting in its size, lies in the individual’s understanding of its composition.
    There is also the specific pleasure of appreciating the city as a stage setting and a panorama. This enjoyment is also provided by the contrast between the context of the observer’s viewpoint and that of the sheer size of the skyline to be contemplated.
    But the skyline can also become a source of anxiety. The construction of skyscrapers completely reorganises the urban landscape and upsets, occasionally violently, it’s associated historic representations. This is why the skyline has become as much an object of discussion as it is a source of contemplation.
    When discussing town planning, it is now essential to incorporate ideas concerning city skylines. The challenge lies in sharing points of view and agreeing on how the sky should be broken up. While the ground level and buildings all have owners, the views of the city belong to everyone. In cities, the “right to have views” should now be taken into consideration as, quite clearly, the urban landscape is a shared asset.

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        Second screen: Succession of medium shots.
        Exterior | Day | Paris.
        Beginning of the loop.
        The sky is reflected almost everywhere in Paris: on the tinted glazing of skyscrapers in La Défense, on car windscreens, in a puddle, on the windows of tall Parisian buildings, on the zinc-covered tables on bar terraces, in the glass of a wineglass, in the mirror of a woman checking her makeup, in the splashing water of a fountain, in the opaque water of the river Seine, on the windows of an overhead metro as it speeds by, on the windows of a bus or the shop windows of a store. Finally, the sun’s dazzling glare in the reflection on an opening window. The screen fades to white.
        End of the loop.


        V I D
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         The vertical garden

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         In a near future

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    Movement and balance

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    The materiality of cities

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