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    The Sensual City path

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    The climate

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    Built landscapes

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    On the waterside

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    In the sky

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    Movement and balance

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    The materiality of cities

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      Sensual City Studio, founded by Jacques Ferrier and Pauline Marchetti, in association with the philosopher Philippe Simay and the architect Estefania Mompean, is a laboratory of ideas, creation and urban foresight. It brings together a network of professionals from the worlds of art, architecture and urban planning, as well as the social sciences. Working at different levels, from design to urban planning, the studio analyses changes in architecture and large modern cities in order to predict the effect that they will have. Sensual City Studio seeks to develop a sensitive, humanist approach to the city, combining sustainable development and new technologies in a quest for innovation and urban delight. The result is a preliminary analysis, procedure and stance which inform the architectural design process.

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         Pauline Marchetti

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         Jacques Ferrier

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         Philippe Simay

      • 9.1.4.

         Estefania Mompean

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        Estefania Mompean, Architect, Urbanist, Graphic Designer,  Project Leader

        Elisa Alvarez, Architect, Project Leader

        Fabien Goutelle, Graphic Designer

        François Gastesoleil, Architect

        Clémentin Rachet, Architect

        Polina Moroz, Architect


        Laura Ulloa, Architect

        Vincent Langrenay, Trainee

        Pierre Bayol, Designer

        Han Hui Qing, Designer

        Thomas Havet,  Architect, Trainee

        Solène Petit, Plastic art, Trainee

        Gianni Villa, Architect, Trainee

        Morgane Damez, Architect DE

        Alexandru Senciuc, Architect, Trainee

        Gianni Villa, Architect, Trainee

        Marion Nielsen, Architect, Urbanist, Ph.D in Architecture

        Pauline Delmotte, Architect, Trainee

        Youen Chene, Designer

        Juliette Guichard, Architect, Trainee

        Melissa Lalanne, Architect, Trainee

        Matt Piker, Architect

        Pierre Delpech, Architect, Trainee

        Hugo Badia, Architect

        Hélène Bechet, Geographer, Urbanist

        Guillaume Bloget, Designer

        Mathilde Benhamou, Architect

        Mahault Remusat, Designer, Trainee

        Manuela Sauvage, Scenographer, Trainee

        Camila Leone, Graphic Designer, Trainee

        Jean-Baptiste Cochet, Architect, Trainee

        Mathilde Van Steenkiste, Architect

        Annika Skaaning, Architect, Trainee

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