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    The Sensual City path

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    The climate

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    Built landscapes

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    On the waterside

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    In the sky

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    Movement and balance

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    The materiality of cities

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      Sensual City Studio, founded by Jacques Ferrier and Pauline Marchetti, in association with the philosopher Philippe Simay and the architect Estefania Mompean, is a laboratory of ideas, creation and urban foresight. It brings together a network of professionals from the worlds of art, architecture and urban planning, as well as the social sciences. Working at different levels, from design to urban planning, the studio analyses changes in architecture and large modern cities in order to predict the effect that they will have. Sensual City Studio seeks to develop a sensitive, humanist approach to the city, combining sustainable development and new technologies in a quest for innovation and urban delight. The result is a preliminary analysis, procedure and stance which inform the architectural design process.

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         Pauline Marchetti

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         Jacques Ferrier

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         Philippe Simay

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        Philippe Simay is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Paris Belleville. After graduating with diplomas in philosophy and anthropology in France, he conduced post-doctoral work at Oxford University in England and at the Illinois Institute of Technology Archives in Chicago. Specialized in the study of urban and architectural questions, his work reflects on the intersections between art, the city, and technology in a metropolitan society.

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         Estefania Mompean

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      Legal notice

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